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Fly fishing art by Marcel Terblanche

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

What better way to capture and relive that very special fishing memory than with a true to life water colour painting. With Marcels detailed watercolours you can cherish the moment each time you visit your study or "fishing room".

A fin perfect perfect representation

What makes Marcels artwork so special is his attention to detail. Each study he undertakes is a painstakingly matched spot for spot and to scale of the original images and measurements that you provide.

Marcels preferred medium is watercolour, this is because it adds a level of depth to the paintings and brings out the true colours, nuances and lifelike sheen of each individual trout or fish specimen.

Marcel can work on any size project and any of the trout and salmon species. Grayling too if someone wanted. Marcel also specialises in landscapes and can capture the setting of your favourite water to remind you of that special place and time.

To find out more about Marcels work you can visit his website - and to commission your own special artwork contact him via email -

Trout watercolours up to 25" start from £140 excluding shipping from South Africa

Marcel in his studio in South Africa

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