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Safeguarding the endangered craft of Split Cane Rod Making

In 2015, the Heritage Crafts Association received a grant from The Radcliffe Trust to assess the vitality of traditional heritage crafts in the UK and identify those crafts most at risk of disappearing. Once of the crafts identified and included on the Red List by the association is Split Cane Rod Making.

Split cane fly rod making is an artisan skill classified as endangered by the Heritage Crafts association. Chris Clemes Fly Rods actively partners with some of the worlds most reputable sporting and luxury retailers to promote these classic fly rods and to create an international marketplace for these fine British products.

Chris Clemes says “Fewer fly fishers are searching for fast actioned rods made from modern carbon materials. The focus has shifted back to slowing down and taking delight in the fishing experience. This is the essence of fly fishing in the traditional realm of rivers and streams, and here, cane fly rods are ne plus ultra.”

The company hopes that through this resurgence in demand for classic fly fishing equipment, it can attract apprentices to study this art and become the next generation of skilled British cane rod builders.

Read more on the process of making our split cane fly rods here - Split Cane Rod Making

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