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Split Cane Fly Rod Review by Andrew Thornton

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

"I recently had the good fortune to cast a four and a five weight Chris Clemes split cane fly rod. Immediately when you remove the rod from its tube it is obvious that nothing really compares to holding a handmade cane rod. The look, the smell even. Modern carbon rods can be fantastic tools but a handmade rod has a personality of its own, a uniqueness.

I cast the rods with silk lines which added to the traditional air. It almost seems inappropriate to use a modern line on a rod of this build. The quality of the finish is obvious with each custom rod being split, planed, straightened and finished by hand. The delicate eyes and guides set against the honey coloured blank made it a pleasure to hold the rod before even casting a line. I managed to cast short accurate lines and then strip some line off the reel to lay a whole line out in front of me so the rods appear to have power and beauty.

Personally when I am fishing a small chalkstream and want to complete the experience I can not think of a rod I would rather use."

Andrew Thornton AAPGAI

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