Split Cane Fly Rod Review by Peter Read

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

A Fishing gift for dad created by Chris Clemes split cane fly rod makers

"Chris, you have done me PROUD! Thank you very much for all your expert work and kind attention. The rod is quite simply a work of art. It sits well in the hand and has the balance and action that I was expecting. I will be taking this for a walk along the river either today or tomorrow (weather bit cool here today) to have a go!"

"I was on the water yesterday and despite a blustery day had a grand time with the rod! It is perfectly balanced with my large arbour Orvis reel. I am finding that I cast a much tighter line and I love the progressive power. We are hatching the occasional Yellow Drake and Olive Drakes on the Frome but fish were a bit slow, probably due to the freshet of rain during Saturday evening which dragged some clay into the flow."

"My biggest problem were other syndicate members who just had to know more about the new rod! I guess I spent about 1 hour of good fishing time on other traditional tackle admirers! Word spread along the river and I guess my new rod attracted more anglers than a record fish landing! You may have some new customers as a result-you have been warned!"

Mr Peter A Read

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